For the 2011-2012 school year, the University of Alberta wanted to welcome students with an introspective video about their history and future. Along with Tribal DDB Vancouver we created an infographic about their student journey and the many milestones that students, faculty, and alumni have achieved.


Moodboard of graphic approach.

At the beginning of this project we had pages of accolades that the University of Alberta had achieved. We wanted to tell their story but we also wanted to neatly organize these achievements into a visual metaphor.  The university's mandate, "Uplifting the whole people shall be its final goal." became a literal visual and we decided to use a platform lifting each student toward their dream.



This was a homecoming project of sorts. I'd grown up near Edmonton and had a tremendous respect for the University of Alberta. Many of the buildings, programs, and achievements were familiar and I was able to speak directly with friends, colleagues, and current students who had spent time in the classrooms. This research of the student experience was critical and, working closely with the university and Tribal DDB, I crafted a story flow to fit everything together.    


Animated graphics from University or Alberta 'Pride'.

After crafting hundreds of graphics and arranging them throughout a visual environment, I also animated this 70-second video. It launched in September 2011 to coincide with the years' intake and is still used on the university's website.



Designer, Animator

Tribal DDB Vancouver

Creative Director - Josh Fehr
Producer - Alisen Salusbury
Account Director - Lauren Rowe
Copywriter - Jon Mandell


Wave Productions

Audio Producer (V/O) - John Pearson
Audio Engineering (V/O) - Brandon Edwards
Voice Over Talent - Noel Johansen 


Todd Smith Design

Audio Direction, Audio Composition, Sound Design - Alan Wong Moon
Assisting Storyboard Artist - Morgan Jeske