Winner of 2014 Enterprise Rebrand 100 - Distinction Award

Working with Karacters DDB, I created a series of seven broadcast spots and over 100 unique illustrations for Sprott Shaw College. The college underwent a huge transition in 2012; a name change, a full rebrand, a website relaunch, and the update of their iconic jingle known across British Columbia for almost 20 years.

Sprott Shaw College offers flexible programs for students with busy schedules and they have a great track record of graduates working in industry. It was important for us to build on that foundation and help potential students discover just how much the school has accomplished over the past 100 years.


Moodboard of graphic approach.

The Sprott Shaw College logo is a compass; a series of needles pointing in different directions that serves as a metaphor of the school enabling students to find their way. Early in the project I developed the logo into four distinct visual environments to represent each of the four main career groups at the college. 



I developed "dream" scenarios that a potential student may encounter once they choose a career. I researched potential answers for each industry and potential student, such as, "Where would I want to work?", "What will I do for fun?", and "What is my vision of success?" These instances were then used to create narratives explaining each students life after graduation. Using these experiences and objects as templates, I examined the properties of each shape and created all of the illustrations for each scene. Within this storyboarding stage I also planned how each scene would transition into the next. Using motion smears, overlays, and many concentric circles I was able to stitch each section of the story into the next to appear as one uniform motion.



Continuing to use the Sprott Shaw "compass" shapes, I created characters for each of their programs. Eventually there were over 100 unique illustrations that went into creating two "career" videos and four closed-captioning promos of varied lengths. Everything aired in Canada on Global Television, CTV, and Shaw networks starting in December 2012.



Animation Director, Designer, Animator


Karacters Design Group, DDB Canada

Creative Director - James Bateman
Branding & Design Director - Christopher Dallin
Art Director - Tim Hoffpauir
Producer - Kimberly Billan
Copywriter - Jessica Schnurr
Account Supervisor - Scott Barr


Wave Productions

Audio Producer - John Pearson
Audio Composer, Producer - Colin Weinmaster
Audio Engineer, Sound Designer - Craig Warrian