To introduce the NuCaptcha video based captcha system I created a parody of popular wildlife documentaries. This parody was meant to poke fun at spam, net bots, and malicious code but while explaining the features of the new product. With better security features than other Captcha systems, our protagonist NuCaptcha, would protect the internet from ne'er-do-wells.


As a startup, NuCaptcha wanted to explain their features to publishers, bloggers, and readers alike. These people are savvy with social media, forums, and file sharing so we used meme culture as the entry point to the conversation. Working with writer, Geoff Vreeken, I developed a sarcastic narrative that framed popular web antagonists as a swarm of buzzing insects that intended only to destroy its surroundings.



Once we had completed the script I worked with illustrator, Morgan Jeske, to create a visual style for the antagonist, a series of meme advertisements, and stylized illustrations of both NuCaptcha and its competing products. I animated all of the typography and illustrations and then hired Pius Jung-Kit Chan to create our buzzing swarm of malicious code from letters and excerpts of actual software code.   




We helped launch the product near the end of 2010 and NuCaptcha went on to secure significant investments from Angel Investors. Later rebranding, the company now operates as NuData Security and provides security products that are widely used by organizations such as StumbleUpon, Cox Communications, and 02 Networks.



Director, Designer, Animator


Todd Smith Design

Concept Designer, Script Editor, Illustrator, Voice Over Actor - Morgan Jeske
Effects Artist, Particle Specialist - Pius Jung-Kit Chan
Writer - Geoff Vreeken
Audio Director, Composer - Alan Wong-Moon