For MTV Denmark’s new block of programming for kids I worked with THANK YOU to channel childhood creativity and a sense of whimsy with iron-on beads. Soon we became a group of grown men hunched over a light table humming and shouting, fleshing out what would later become a soundtrack. The beads took on a life of their own as they smashed into colours and shapes within the confines of a pegged grid. The piece originally called for CG elements, but with the energy that flowed from almost 10,000 beads moving by hand, the magic of stop-motion proved to be enough to create a nostalgic sense of childhood joy.

Update: Featured in Stash Magazine #45 (June 2008), Featured on the Behance network's Motion Served.


Moodboard of graphic approach.

MTV Denmark came to THANK YOU in search of an energetic broadcast package. We looked at the tools in front of us and tried to find something evocative of "playtime" that flawlessly transcended audiences. After looking at numerous other options we decided to use Perler iron-on beads as pixels in a magnified stop-motion environment. I examined the colour, translucency, and malleability of the beads before creating a series of samples of shot size and lighting.



Staging & lighting for stop motion.

After preliminary testing I discovered that the beads could be illuminated by placing a light beneath our work surface—a translucent sheet of acrylic. It was also important to maintain stability and proper cooling throughout nine days of shooting so I designed a structure that reduced ambient vibration and increased airflow around our lights. 



Closeup of animated Perler beads.

Our original concept called for computer-generated images but it was decided that it wasn't necessary once we showed the rough animations to the team at MTV. The full package included a 30 second opener, eight interstitials, four separate sets of lower thirds, a projected set design, and a 10 second title sequence. 



Designer, Cinematographer, Animator, Editor



Producer, Director - Anders Frandsen
Producer, Director - Örn Ólason
Producer, Director - Esben Jørgensen
Logo Designer, Animator - Konrad Nowakowski


MTV Denmark

Georg Andersen



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