Working under the direction of THANK YOU in Copenhagen, Denmark, I helped create a series of multilingual videos for IcelandAir's inflight video screens. Iceland is a beautiful country that serves as a stopover for many European-bound North American flights—and vice-versa. The airline hoped to promote tourism with subtle nods to the country's sights and culture while demonstrating the safety features of their aircrafts. A forward-thinking company, they recognized a passive space that had an opportunity for improvement and we helped them craft a solution.


I was brought on initially to storyboard and organize all of the airlines pertinent safety information into a script and corresponding visuals. Working with art director and illustrator, Pawel Nowakowski, I assembled near-final documentation for six different videos. Our team at THANK YOU created a pop-up storybook motif to assemble everything into a single visual environment. We had a giant palette to draw inspiration from with locations such as the Blue Lagoon, beautiful remote fishing villages, geysers, and expressionist architecture. At this stage I also assembled the sample illustrations into rough animations and timing references.



After storyboarding each video I was tasked with creating visual effects breakdowns. The studio's resident photographer, I planned technical details for a green-screen shoot to capture footage of actors that would be placed in our computer-generated environments. This preparation included things like camera height and movement, shot sizing, lighting, and on-set checklists. Our team was then flown to Iceland to film on-location in Magnús Scheving's Lazytown Studios in Iceland, where I also stepped in as an assistant director for english-language content with our on the ground production team.




Once we arrived back in Copenhagen I was in charge of organizing all of the footage, highlighting the best takes, chroma-keying, and assembling rough edits as our 3D animators completed each individual scene. My final role was the completion of downstream compression and delivery of each video after director Anders Frandsen completed all of the final edits and colour grading.  



Storyboard Designer, Animator, Production Planner, On-Set Continuity



Director, Producer - Anders Frandsen
Creative Director, Animator - Örn Ólason
Creative Director, Animator - Esben Jørgensen
Art Director, Illustrator - Pawel Nowakowski
Concept Artist, Animator - Pingo van der Brinkloev
Animator - Marcos Ceravolo
Animator - Jacob Linnemann