HUB Cycling Education 

HUB Cycling is a Greater Vancouver-based non-profit that makes cycling better through education, action and events. They do great work locally to promote healthier, happier, connected communities. As an avid cyclist, I've known about them for years, so I contacted them with a few suggestions on how to use social media to distribute their educational programming.  


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First, we met up to speak about the most-common good and bad behaviour of cyclists. This included standard things like stopping for pedestrians, safe travelling speeds, gear, and lights, but it also covered more advanced situations like traffic circles and "taking a lane". We quickly realized that some are more needed than others, so we decided to create a series of short videos that would help people brush up on the basics of riding. 


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We chose three common scenarios in every day biking; stopping for pedestrians, using bike boxes, and communicating with cars when sharing a lane. While these scenarios may seem simple enough, there are thousands of people riding bicycles every day in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, and they all have varied levels of experience. We got to work creating these three videos and built them based on HUB's great courseware offered in a classroom setting. 


We created three 30 second animations that can be distributed routinely on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They serve as a reminder for all bicycle riders, drivers, and pedestrians to look out for each-other and promote safer travel.  



Director, Illustrator, Animator


HUB Cycling

Bike Education Program Manager - Scout Gray