We're Making a Web Doc!

Long time fans of feature-length docs, the knowledge network, PBS, and NPR; myself and Kim Oxlund are upstarting a doc series about the city we live in. Neither of us are from Vancouver but have come to see the city as our home. In my 10 years here I've seen massive change; neighbourhoods have disappeared and built up differently, historic buildings have crumbled, friends have come and gone, and green spaces have flourished. We see a need to tell the stories of people who've changed—or are in the process of changing—Vancouver in positive ways.

THE ARCHIVISTS is a documentary about Vancouver's emerging change makers; the people behind the curtains, the people investing their time, talent, and money in making Vancouver a better place.

One of the larger goals of this project is to break up our reputation as a socially isolated city. Vancouver is expensive, it rains a lot, and our suburbs are fairly spread out. We see a need to better connect people with well-meaning organizations and ideas. We want these people to be successful, to stay in Vancouver, and this is our chance to say, "thanks", while bringing attention to their hard work.