Winner of 2011 Rebrand 100 - Merit

Winner of a 2012 Applied Arts Design Award

Anticipating the completion of BC Place's new retractable roof, their Human Resources department needed a video that spoke to the past, present, and future of the building. As well, they wanted to invite people to apply for a variety of corporate and event-day positions. We chose this bright, Las Vegas-inspired treatment to showcase the diversity of events one would experience under the roof of BC Place.


Moodboard of graphic approach.

The biggest challenge in this project was communicating the script without voice over - the project needed to function as well without audio as it did with. We chose a kinetic type treatment based on styles that were present throughout the history of BC Place; inked stamps from the Expo '86 passport, light shows at concerts, and the neon glow of in-stadium screens. With those parameters in mind I went to work and illustrated hundreds of graphics and type variants based on the project theme 'Make Amazing Happen'.



I decided to split the narrative into two distinct visual environments; the first was a nod to the stadiums history and a "hall of fame" of moments it had hosted, the second was a collection of new moments people may share, signified by bright, energetic statements about the new stadium. Together with Karacters, I meticulously designed each typographic statistic and planned how they would transition into one-another. The video to the left is a timelapse of screen-captures from over 200 hours of illustration and animation. 




When I spoke to Alan, our audio director, at the onset of this project he summed up the energy perfectly by saying, "It needs to be big. The staff, the talent, and the crowd all come together to make something special." He went on to describe the energy in the city the day BC Place opened and some of the worlds' largest acts and biggest sports stars he'd seen playing inside. There are a lot of people who make events happen at BC Place that rarely see the spotlight. Some of these positions we had never heard of and some of them are ones we see every day. By it's reopening in fall 2011 the stadium had filled all of its positions and still uses this video to recruit new staff on its website.



Director, Designer, Animator


Karacters Design Group, DDB Vancouver

Creative Director - James Bateman
Producer - Alisen Salusbury
Project Manager - Dylan Ballentine
Writer - Jessica Raya


Alan Wong-Moon