For the summer release of Air Jordan's Pregame XT warmup shoe, I worked with Blast Radius Vancouver to create this feature tour for display at Niketown and Nike Store video kiosks and the Jumpman23 corporate site.


Michael Jordan's name is synonymous with the Chicago Bulls and it was no mistake that this training shoe carried the teams iconic colours; red, white, and black. The Pregame XT is a lightweight shoe designed for gym training and pregame warmups so it required a light, flexible graphic treatment but still needed to be unmistakably Air Jordan. Working with an intricate mural created by designer, Mitsuaki Yajima, I created a set of style frames that spoke to the training regimen of an elite NBA player.



The graphics Mitsuaki designed had a multitude of details to work from; a metaphor for a pro athlete's dedication to specific workouts and goals that provide consistency on the court and contribute to a successful career. We decided to use these details to not only speak about the game of basketball but also geek out on the design cues and construction of the shoe.   



I created a series of visual environments comprised of these black and white stencil graphics while also helping to develop a script—that would later be read by Vancouver's Kyprios— that highlighted all of the shoe's technical features.



Designer, Animator, Sound Designer


Blast Radius

Executive Producer - Michael Ciebin
Managing Director - Michael Smit
Creative Director - Marcus Eriksson
Art Director - Stephane Fournier
Lead Designer/Concept Designer - Mitsuaki Yajima
Project Manager - Karey Messier



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