Since 2004, I've helped businesses refine their products and services as a designer, business analyst, and digital producer.

So what does that mean?

My goal is to design enjoyable experiences for digital products. I believe that technology-based products yield better results when design is considered throughout all aspects of business. My goal is to provide people clear criteria for finding and learning about your products, focussed actions to use your products, and intelligent support to overcome obstacles. This is done by speaking to consumers, observing patterns, testing early and often, and by improving organizational processes. 


Todd Smith Design stands behind safe and inclusive media and work environments. Great design is about people, collaboration, equality, and understanding. Supporting this commitment means establishing equality in just about any way you’d like to use the term: gender, ethnicity, nationality, profession, and cause. What this boils down to is, fair, consented, professional environments and equal pay for equal work. Tangible contributions have tangible value, regardless of perceived or real differences.

Todd Smith Design reserves the right to refuse work and materials containing misleading, offensive or abusive messaging, or links to individuals and organizations advocating hate. I also reserve the right to retroactively remove material found to include contributions by individuals accused or convicted of harassment and criminal misconduct.  

If you look at any of the pages of this website, you’ll notice a string of citations on every post. I follow strict protocols to preserve sources, credits, and other attributions. I ask that all contributors respect the intellectual property rights of others by fully crediting sources and inspirations. I also reserve the right to decline working with businesses and individuals that illegally appropriate material from other sources without licensing and acknowledging original authors or organizations.