In August 2013 I spoke with Lizzy Karp and Cory Ashworth about ways to volunteer and share the message about their program, "A Good Book Drive". The duo had given thousands of books to local kids in 2012 and hoped to greatly increase donations in 2013. 


A Good Book Drive's 2012 Soundcloud Library.

When I met up with Lizzy and Cory to brainstorm ways I could help it became clear that they were not ordinary community builders. This successful campaign, among other local initiatives, is something they created from their love of reading and storytelling, a handful of local volunteers, and a roster of people who were comfortable enough to share personal stories. Through our conversation I discovered their love of community; a desire to connect people and encourage them to speak about their motivations and inspiration. At the end of our conversation Cory directed me to a neatly groomed Soundcloud repository that was bursting with interviews that he had conducted over the previous year.


Screencap of emails from Cory & Lizzy after seeing rough edit.

I had the privilege of editing clips from notable Vancouverites who I admired, such as: Mayor Gregor Robertson, VPD Chief Constable Jim Chu, comedian Charlie Demers and musician Dan Mangan. With those and many more there was an abundance of content to fit into a 60-second promo. The following week I sent Lizzy and Cory a followup email with a rough edit; I'd harvested images and audio interviews from their website and completed a flow of the 2012 stories. It was an emotional experience and frankly, a really fun job. 



My submissions to the book drive.

My submissions to the book drive.

We launched a snippet of the logo animation on Instagram and then on October 20th we released the full video on Vimeo in anticipation of the drive. The video was well-received and the book drive saw an outpouring of local support, media coverage, and November 1st was even proclaimed 'A Good Book Drive Day' by the City of Vancouver



Director, Editor


A Good Book Drive

Lizzy Karp
Cory Ashworth

Music by Kim Oxlund
Photos & Interviews by Cory Ashworth