WafflesOnWaffles x #DinnerPartyYVR

For over a year my partner and I have been hosting brunches out of our tiny Vancouver home. In fall of 2015 we turned the hobby into a blog about food experiments where we try wild-and-crazy combinations in the form of waffles. We've tried a lot of things and created a few great waffles, so we decided to volunteer our time to Dinner Party YVR. In addition to the main event, we hosted three test kitchens to refine our recipes. We even talked about the menu on Foodline radio:

Listen to our interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio's 'Foodline Radio'

In the end we raised over $500 for A Loving Spoonful, a volunteer-driven organization that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/Aids throughout the greater Vancouver area.

Read more about A Loving Spoonful and donate now