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How did we improve mobile banking for Credit Union members?


Working with Central 1 Credit Union and DesignStamp, I researched, prototyped, designed, and usability tested iOS and Android apps. Over the course of two years, in an agile environment, we launched a home screen redesign and over 20 banking features, such as; account status alerts, bill payments, money transfers, and find branch/banking machine. The purpose of the redesign was to improve access to help for novice users and to accelerate task completion for advanced users. The app framework offers users a secure banking experience and can be customized by over 170 credit unions across Canada. As a result of this redesign, the app performs 20% better than the previous version and is ranked in the top-3 mobile banking apps in North America (measured by an international independent research firm).  


How did we help PEPFAR increase transparency and accountability?


Working with 2paths and DesignStamp, I researched, prototyped, designed, and tested the PEPFAR Dashboards versions 2.0 & 3.0. In 2014-15, we completely redesigned the dashboards (v2.0) for a wide group of stakeholders, including U.S. citizens, civil society organizations, U.S. government agencies, donors, and host-country governments, to view and use global HIV/AIDS data. Then again, in 2015-16, we redesigned the dashboards (v3.0) to integrate newly improved, more granular, quarterly-reported data from in-country operations throughout the world. During both phases we interviewed key stakeholders and worked with PEPFAR data experts to design an interface that best-presented datasets for a variety of usage scenarios; including funding allocation, expenditure analysis, and analysis of sub-national and national results. We identified, sorted, and contextualized data using plain language; ranging from unique regional and district groupings, to different reporting formats, to reporting indicators that change in complexity with each fiscal year. In the end we created a set of dashboards that are fast, easy-to-use, and elegant. Most of all, these dashboards help PEPFAR move toward their goal of an AIDS-free generation by helping global experts monitor and evaluate efforts to control the HIV/AIDS pandemic.